Many obstacles faced in life can be easily overcome by simply using how the brain naturally works to achieve a desired outcome.


Providing options that support a healthy emotional state can help balance the overall well-being for individuals.


Mental & Emotional obstacles can often manifest into physical difficulties as well. Our trainees often see marked improvement in the physical health of their clients, thus providing overall balance for their health & well-being.

We understand blended choices...

…and are here to help you provide balance in your practice.

Our trainings are centered around teaching unique alternative choices that focus on Mental, Emotional & Physical balance.  These choices can be easily blended with traditional options, providing optimal results for your clients.

It is our goal at NeuroSynergistic to offer educational opportunities that go beyond the traditional spectrum.
Our trainings provide alternative choices that equip students with an advanced skill set; allowing them to provide more options, creating greater balance in their practices.
Misty Patterson
Founder/Owner, NeuroSynergistics, LLC

What our Trainees are saying...

I can say, without exaggeration, that both the NEI and NLP courses have greatly enriched my life. This is mainly due to Jolanda. She is a very good coach and a fantastic teacher. Her passion is inspiring.
The Team at NeuroSynergistics has worked with me to develop healthy strategies for managing stress—allowing me to break through the monotony of old habits. These strategies have allowed me to progress in my personal development and inter-personal relationships.
NeuroSynergistics has provided me with the keys to redefine my destiny and purpose with use of their innovative NIT techniques.
NeuroSynergistics helped me develop the tools needed to take control of my life and put me back in the drivers seat of my future.